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#6 [Shiny]2016-11-22 14:56
Thanks for your contribution towards learning. I am a German teacher and I recommend your website to all of my students. Keep adding new topics.
#5 [Vicente Arlandis Jara]2016-08-17 14:33
Thank you so much for your wonderful web.
You helped me a lot with your material.
We need more people like you all over the wordl¡¡¡¡.
Best regards from Spain.
[]2016-08-17 19:36
Thanks Vicente for your comment
#4 [Luis]2016-04-14 15:01
Thank you for the fantastic site.
#3 [mariam]2015-08-17 15:55
Thank you; the resources in your site are great. Your site is really helping me in my German studies that I have recently started. Topics are covered here in a very organized manner and considerable amount of information and collection of cases are provided on each topic.
#2 [Galia]2015-08-16 16:25
I am a beginner in German and your website is very helpful. Thank you guys. :)
#1 [marta]2014-11-27 08:03
I am a beginner in German. I had been looking for free help in the web, to complement my courses, and what I found in your site is by much the best and most useful. Congratulations.

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