About us

Our Values

Germanveryeasy.com offers all of its content with no restrictions and no charge. Since 2008, we have had the following mission:

1.- To help society by providing quality educational material.

2.- To listen to our users. You matter the most to us.

3.- To try to improve the most we can every day.

4.- To motivate our users.

5.- To love diversity.


Our team started to make a basic course in German using the platform Knol from Google in 2008. Thanks to the support of our loyal readers, we have improved this course bit by bit.

At the end of the year 2011, Google announced the discontinuation of Knol, the platform we had our course hosted on. That is why we moved its content to our website (first in Spanish) at the beginning of 2012.

Every day we continue to work on improving and making this website more useful.

Collaborate with us

Many of you ask us how you can help. If you want to contribute, you can do so in several ways:

1.- If you like this site, you can share it on social networks or by e-mail with your friends. There are buttons to share it at the top of every page.

2.- You can find bugs or suggest topics that still are not explained on the website. Although we prefer you to contact us with the comment forms so that your questions can help others. If that doesn´t work, you can also write us an e-mail: admin@germanveryeasy.com

We have a lot of plans to continue improving this page: More exercises, more grammar, more advice about how to live in Germany.

Finally, we’d like to thank the hundreds of people that have contributed their work and suggestions to help improve this site.