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German Grammar

Grammar: Types of words

German Grammar
PronounsGerman pronouns: personal Pronouns, possessive pronouns, ...

PrepositionsPrepositions are used as a union between word. We show all the prepositions with examples

auf | bei | in | nach | zu
NounsRegular declension, n-declension with examples

Plurals | Masculine | Feminine | Neuter | Diminutives
VerbsVerbal tense, irregular verbs , passive, impersonal verbs, ...

Conjugation | Passive | Irregular verbs | Modal Verbs
Separable verbs | Reflexive verbs | Reciprocal verbs | Impersonal verbs
ConjunctionsCoordinate conjunctions, Subordinate conjunctions
ArticlesDefinite article, indefinite article, examples, ...
AdverbsTemporal, of frequency, locative, causal, interrogative, ...

AdjectiveUse of the adjective, declension, irregular adjectives
Comparative and superlative

Grammar of the Sentence

Information about German sentence:


#2 [Dave]2017-08-24 10:49
Hi, I really like your website, its very well done. I was wondering if you could recommend some specific free online books, newspapers that a learner could use to get familiar with the German Language in everyday usages. Ty