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Comments [1]: Sentence Structure in German


#6 [Lacy ]2017-11-11 12:11
Very helpful website love it really helped in exams
#5 [Adam]2017-02-01 19:05
”Während meiner Kindheit” is a phrase (prepositional phrase, PP) and not a subordinate clause. Perhaps it would be good to have examples of both. Otherwise, keep up the good work!
#4 [merhawi ]2016-08-03 12:32
it would be better, if an example of a short paragraph is written so all the structure and the parts of the paragraph can be seen easily. thanks a lot keep it up!
#3 [Sara]2015-10-26 06:48
Ah I see, my mistake. I misread it, I thought it it read "before the conjugated verb". My mistake!
#2 [Sara]2015-10-01 18:55
Great website! Just one thing, in the second last paragraph "Nicht negating the verb", you say "It makes the verb of the sentence negative when placed right before the unconjugated verb (if there is one) or at the end of the sentence" - but it comes after the conjugated verb in the examples. Do you mean "after" instead of "before"?
[]2015-10-07 17:51
Before is correct (but attention of the unconjugated verb, that is before "essen".
#1 [Joey Callahan]2015-09-12 17:45
This is a fantastic website. Really helping my study and love of German. Any other website suggestions.

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