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Comments [1]: Glossary of rooms in the house in German


#7 [Jiggly Boi ]2018-05-24 16:50
Yea what blob said
#6 [blob]2016-11-08 21:03
very helpful
#5 [abc ]2016-07-18 18:45
very good
#4 [chloe]2016-06-08 13:32
thanks this was very helpful.
#3 [Random Person]2016-05-19 00:32
You forgot about bedroom btw, it's das Schlafzimmer to save you some time (if you ever check this).
[]2016-05-19 14:22
Thank you. Done!
#2 [Amanda]2016-03-16 15:14
U don't get for the table above there are three colons(part,meaning and plural so if say in a test which one would be correct to write the part or plural
#1 [Josh]2015-04-13 19:12

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