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List with the 50 most important regular verbs in German

Basic regular verbs

We are going now to show you the verbs that you just have to learn while studying German because they are used very often. Because they are regular verbs, their conjugation is very simple:

antwortento respond, answer
arbeitento work
fragento ask
glaubento believe, to think
lebento live
lernen to learn
machento make
redento talk
sagento say, tell
spielento play

Intermediate regular verbs

bauento construct, build
bedeutento mean
bildento train, form
entwickelnto develop
erinnernto remember
erklärento explain
erreichento reach
erzählento tell, narrate
fehlento lack
folgento follow
fühlento feel
führento lead
gehörento belong
handelnto trade, deal, bargain
interessierento interest
kaufento buy
kümmernto take care
legento put
meinento believe
to assume
regnento rain
schmeckento like/taste (food)
studierento study
suchento look for
tanzento dance
verkaufento sell
versuchento try
wartento wait
wohnento live
zeigento show

These were regular verbs, but, there are other very important verbs that are irregular. If you’d like to see them, you can visit: irregular verbs


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