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Comments [1]: German Passive


#8 [fs]2018-01-19 22:46
not sure if the quotation is correct, the verse is actually a question:
Should she not then... be set free?
so, befreit werden is set free, where one modal is used to form a passive, a simple combo as shown in the text above
dürfen is this english be, actually in german "to be allowed", which just better defines the situation and explains,enhances,enriches the action verb, here in passive
#7 [paul, phoenix az]2017-08-03 20:34
Now, can you categorize a complex arrangement with two modals in passive? E.G., Luke 13:16 ... und sie sollte nicht an einem Sabbat von dieser Fessel befreit werden durfen? (Yikes!)
#6 [Maria]2017-02-24 12:28
Vielen Dank.Sehr hilfsbereit
#5 [Mohamedi Rashidi Mwanangoto]2016-12-02 05:38
Dir Sir/Maadam Thank you so much very helpfully materials
#4 [ASLAM ]2016-08-30 01:49
es ist sher einfach methode fur passive lernen . ich habe auch so viel aus das zeite gelernt . danke fur das gute arbeit uber internet. ok
#3 [sultana Jahanewaz]2016-05-28 14:47
Deutlich erklärt
#2 [Guy Tritton]2016-04-15 13:12
Excellent. Not found such a good explanation of the German passive anywhere else. Gut gemacht!
#1 [imad abukhazna]2016-01-26 17:32
good explanation in details