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Comments [1]: Parts of the body in German


#14 [Omar]2018-03-13 20:46
I can’t thank you guys enough for this great content! Extremely helpful and lucid. Keep it up (Y)
#13 [Tristian]2018-02-02 16:11
Very useful vocabulary list to someone looking to learn the language. Thank you!
#12 [Sudhir]2017-12-12 10:15
Very useful. God bless you people for creating this informative and detailed website. Learning from the beginning' has everything a beginner needs to learn the language. The pronunciation in Deutsch is a great help. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.
#11 [fart]2017-08-22 19:35
#10 [tommy]2017-04-03 09:18
this souce is great
#9 [dankoshun]2017-03-22 15:43
thanks homeworks now done!

#8 [abheetha]2016-11-15 12:20
this is really important to children.well done.
#7 [I'm 12]2016-05-05 04:03
Lol this website is straight fire
#6 [buttface]2016-01-10 22:04
this is awesome website
#5 [bobby]2016-01-10 22:03
i am saved because of this website
#4 [bob]2015-10-07 08:40
#3 [Izzy]2015-09-22 10:22
So helpful, thank you
#2 [Ferdinand ]2015-09-10 18:19
it was very helpful
#1 [Naa Adzeley]2015-05-16 11:43
Very helpful

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