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Comments [1]: The Participle in German (Partizip I and Partizip II)


#7 [Alex]2018-05-06 08:41
Very good article. Thank you very much! I am sure this website has been useful for a lot of people. (:
#6 [Mike]2016-06-26 10:39
Thanks for the explanation, one confusing moment, you wrote: «This means it can NOT be declined» but at the same time you give declination tables. So this «can NOT be» is a little bit confusing.
[]2016-07-09 13:10
thanks for your comment. We improved the explanation
#5 [Guha]2016-05-10 16:33
Sehr einfach.Vielen Dank
#4 [Robert ]2016-02-27 08:12
Beuty and the beast beutiful.
Well presented
#3 [kulveer]2016-02-11 04:36
vielen Dank!
#2 [david]2016-01-06 15:30
thank u so much it was helful
#1 [GermanReviewer]2015-09-08 00:14
I like your article about Partizip 1 and Partzip 2, but please add HOW to use Partzip 2, like where and when 'haben' or 'sein' needs to be used.
[]2015-09-08 19:11

you have this info here:

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