The particle “los” in German

The meaning of “los” in German

1.- "Los" is a prefix for some separable verbs. Although it lacks any meaning on its own, it modifies the verb that it accompanies.

Ich fahre jetzt los
I’m leaving now (in a car)

NOTE: The same example without “los” would mean: I am driving now.

Verbs with “los”

The main verbs that have the prefix “los” are:

losfahrento leave (in a car)
losfliegento take off (flying)
losgehento start, leave
loshakento unhook
loskettento unchain
loslassento let go, release
losmachento release
lossprechento absolve of
los seinto happen

Expressions with “los”

With the verb “los sein” (to happen):

Was ist los?
What’s going on?

Was ist mit dir los?
What’s happening/going on with you? (It implies a possible problem)

With the verb “losgehen” (to leave on foot):

(Gehen wir) los!
Let’s go!

Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!
To your positions, ready, let’s go!