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Comments [1]: GermanVeryEasy.com: The Free Online German Course


#9 [Staneza]2017-01-24 01:38
Cool website, helped me a lot, especially with PASSIV... :)
#8 [Zander]2016-12-01 16:43
Awesome website. love it!
I have however noticed an error in http://www.germanveryeasy.com/machen.
In präteritum section it should be "wir mochten" and NOT "wir mochtest"
[GermanveryEasy.com]2016-12-03 19:46
Thanks, we just fix it
#7 [Muhammad ]2016-11-21 18:27
very great website actually the best site to learn german...just one thing if you can add and examinations about each section it will be perfect
but great work keep going
[GermanVeryEasy.com]2016-11-30 06:06
Good idea, we will try to do it
#6 [Leslie Leftley]2016-11-05 00:32
Can I subscribe to GermanVeryEasy.com?

Do you need my email?
[Germanveryeasy.com]2016-11-12 08:11
At the moment there is no subscriptions
#5 [Gurram Ravinder]2016-02-26 10:35
Please provide the best APP for iphone 6 for german language app
#4 [Gurram Ravinder]2016-02-26 10:31
i am very happy now.i am grateful to you.this website is fantastic
#3 [ezgi]2016-01-17 23:30
Wow, this website is so well done, thank you for your effort. Much love!
#2 [abdul hussein]2016-01-16 06:15
i am very happy now.i am grateful to you.this website is fantastic
#1 [Varsha]2015-08-02 08:25
Hallo! Mein Name ist Varsha. I am new to learning German and I'm very glad I found your website! Danke sehr for making it!