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Comments [1]: Greetings and Introduction in German


#12 [Abdo]2018-03-11 21:58
Sehr interessant und hilflich
#11 [Suresh Garg]2017-06-10 10:16
Very useful
#10 [Naftali chacha]2017-05-18 10:32
Thank you for uploading this lesson i really appreciate your work. can you post for me the nest lesson in my email
#9 [JACKY]2017-03-16 16:34
Thank you for creating this website. It is very helpful.
#8 [Khalid]2017-02-28 20:58
This site will undoubtedly
help us learn German
#7 [Khizar Shahid]2017-02-11 12:10
This site is great. I am loving it. It teaches Deutsch in the most easy way. It guides you for general conversations that you need the most
#6 [Amanee]2017-01-22 07:48
Amazing guide!
Very straight forward. Bookmarked!

Vielen Dank! Das ist sehr wunderbar!
#5 [Shiny]2016-11-22 14:53
Loved your website. All the topice are very clearly mentioned that one can easily relate to.
#4 [Nei Biasetto]2016-08-01 00:26
Your site is a very good one to learn German. And, Lili Maleen was a nice touch.
Thank you very much.
#3 [João Augusto]2016-07-29 11:19
Thank you very much! I'm going to try really hard to stay on my daily studies on this website!
#2 [Khaled]2016-04-24 09:46
Excellent work!!
Many thanks
#1 [basem]2016-02-08 09:35
its a very useful website but we need more verbs at least the most common verbs with examples

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