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Comments [1]: German Adverbs (das Adverb)


#7 [Jabbar]2017-12-05 13:58
Vielen Dank
#6 [James Grogan]2017-08-21 01:25
Now, this is WODERFUL. I have NEVER seen a chart like this anywhere.
Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!
#5 [Ajay]2017-05-31 21:45
Thank you! The information provided here is worth seeing but what I looked for I didn't get. There are not enough example about how to use them in a sentence, I mean the place of an adverb in a sentence.
#4 [eduardo]2016-08-09 21:27
sometimes I don't know if a word modifies what is prior or what comes after. For example, "Dabei leitete Edward in erster Linie das Bemühen eine Perspektive aufzuzeigen..." Does "in erster Linie" here mean that it was primarily Edward who guided the effort? Or does in erster Linie here mean what Edward guided was primarily the effort to show a perspective?
#3 [##lala]2016-07-08 17:51
Thanks, I find what exactly I need
#2 [Anna]2015-11-18 06:57
Thanks, very usefull
#1 [Hamid]2014-10-15 18:51
Very interesting