Funny Exercise: The plural in German

Exercise: Plurals
car 1car 2


We present a little game to you, with the purpose of practicing plurals in German. The exercise consists in choosing the right plural correctly among four different options.

This exercise values both choosing the right answer, as well as the time taken to do so.

If the correct answer is chosen the vehicle accelerates to 40 km/h, each second we delay our answer it slows down 4 km/h. The minimum speed is 16 km/h. The goal is to win the race in the shortest time possible.


This exercise is positive, because it helps us face common situations when speaking German, when our answers must be right and quick, so that our listener does not get bored.

The purpose of this exercise is not only learning, but getting us ready, so that the answers flow from our brains in an unconscious manner.

If you would like to review the theory before doing the exercise, you can visit the plural in German.


If you have any suggestions on how to improve this exercise, we would love to hear them.

Technical Requirements

This game can be played on: Internet Explorer 9 or higher. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Android Browser, or Blackberry Browser.