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Comments [1]: Difficulties with learning German


#5 [Mel]2017-03-10 00:14
Späte... simply press the a key and hold it. The alternative ways to write a will appear. You simply move your finger onto the type of a you require. This applies to every letter on the iPad or iPhone keypad.
À å for example.
Hope this helps!
#4 [colin amey]2017-02-07 09:38
Hahaha. I grew up around Swiss German, but never totally got it, living in England, though with a Swiss mum I really missed my opportunity. Then I had to learn German in school! Confusion? You bet! In the end its all interesting and I aim to conquer it now at 53 so I can talk to my remaining Swiss relatives before "es ist zu spate." (no umlaut on this keyboard!) How do you get that incidentally?
#3 [Geoff]2016-11-21 15:19
I have to ask, being that the b is next to the v on the keyboard, was the use of "habe" in the first paragraph intentional. I chuckled when I saw it because it's in a sentence explaining that a student will 'habe' a really hard time...

Either way, it was funny to see.
[]2016-11-21 19:03
Thanks, it was a mistake
#2 [Gulobi]2015-03-21 14:43
Thank you very much for the detailed explanations...Your website is so good. Things are getting clearer for me now. I had been neck deep in German verben thrashing around..:)
#1 [Shreya Kumar]2014-09-22 20:02
German language is a complicated language more than that a foolish and boring language.In grammar it has so many rules which do not relate with each other some times.This website is very helpful for all Deutsch learns.Thank you very much for helping me.First time I am using this website and I am satisfied with it.I would like to do some free exercises of konjuntiv||.

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