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Comments [1]: Conjunctions in German


#10 [Iulia]2018-04-12 11:30
Vielen Dank, die Beispielsätze sind äußerst willkommen.
#9 [merhawi ]2016-11-27 15:13
Ich finde sehr hilfeich und einfach zu verstehen .Ich danke ihnen von Boden bis Himmel.
#8 [Max Popov]2016-08-17 13:51
Thank you for a wonderful web-site! I came across a slip of the pen:
the last row in the table at the beginning of "Subordinate Conjunctions" should be "wo | where" instead of "where | how".
[]2016-08-17 19:36
Thank you very much. We have just fixed
#7 [Ahmad Akram Alhaddad]2016-08-08 16:22
the word "bis" in German is not existing in the table of subordinate conjunctions and the word "bevor" in the same table is translated to "until" this is mistake :(
[]2016-08-08 18:49
Thanks. We have just fixed it
#6 [Ahmad Akram Alhaddad]2016-08-08 15:46
warum "einen" ??? es ist das Auto
Ich habe sowohl schon "einen" Mercedes
[]2016-08-08 18:49
But "der Wagen"--> the car
#5 [Ted Russell]2016-07-24 16:42
Great site - very well done and useful. Need to do a little proofreading of the English text. "Conjunctions" is spelled wrong in the menu on the left.
[]2016-07-25 18:18
Hi Ted,
Fixed! thank you very much
#4 [Moustafa]2016-04-17 17:25
#3 [jhon tito situmorang]2016-04-02 08:12
#2 [ferdaws]2015-10-12 17:45
the page is very cool, I like it too.
#1 [Christian]2015-07-21 12:58
I really like this page, it is very cool. But I could not print it to a pdf file.

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