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Comments [1]: Comparative and Superlative Adjectives in German


#6 [Katakuri]2017-07-17 17:01
What does the second bullet point in the section "Forming the comparative degree (special cases)" mean?
#5 [Joss Palmer]2017-02-03 13:20
#4 [Ibrahim]2016-05-15 16:10
Great explanation, you made it very simple.
#3 [Ram]2016-03-18 13:00
Thank you so much for the explanation and examples. I found the audio for "Welches Auto ist am billigsten?" mismatched with "Was bist du von Beruf?"
The voice clips are so clear and nice to listen to. Which TTS service do you use? Thanks.
[Ana Belén de Lucas]2016-03-20 13:51
Thank you very much, we just fixed it
#2 [Michael Sansot]2016-01-29 01:00
This is great. I love this webpage. But I have a question, why is the translation of "Pete ist so dünn wie Tomas" "Peter is as awkward as Tomas"? Isn't "dünn" "thin"? Thanks and I hope you could answer me.
[GermanVeryEasy.com]2016-01-29 21:41
You are right. We fixed it
#1 [Hans]2015-10-29 15:20
This is a great mini tutorial. Thank-you