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Comments [1]: The Preposition 'auf' in German


#4 [paul, phoenix az]2017-08-01 19:02
Excellent tutorial resource! A curiosity about "auf."

Lukas 12:36 Seid wie Diener und Dienerinnen, die auf ihren Herrn warten, der auf einer Hochzeit ist. The second use of "auf" is locative without motion, but the first has "warten" as the verb. I assume this implies motion... in an figurative way. (?)
#3 [Peter Root]2017-06-06 20:37
I am working on a vintage BMW motorcycle. On the choke /aircleaner, there are the words Zu and auk. Any idea what they mean in this context? On and off??
Thanx Pete
#2 [Preposition Master]2017-04-26 15:17
"Ich fliege auf die Insel" because you are moving it is akkusativ.
"Die Katze liegt auf dem Tisch" because the cat is sitting still it is "dativ"
#1 [?]2017-03-05 21:59
This literally didn't help at all. All it says is when auf is used, but never explains in which situations 'auf' is used that one uses akkusativ or dativ

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